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Instafeed brand promises to offer its readers with authentic
& unbiased information they can trust.


A wonderful serenity has taken possession of my entire soul, like these sweet mornings.


Optimistic; happy; cheerful


Having or showing a mind receptive to new ideas or arguments; unprejudiced.


Having a strong belief or full assurance .


Having a compulsive or urgent quality propelled or motivated by something.

A community driven space for curating quality information

“Instafeed empowers citizens with the information they can trust.” 

Instafeed is an independent organisation committed to the sustainability of trustworthy journalism around the world. It is founded on the principle that a free press is essential to a fair and just society, and must be supported by the public it serves. It supports this mission via journalism innovation; advocacy for standards of journalism ethics; community-building among publishers and their public; and educational programming for newsrooms.

It supports journalism on a global level, with a primary focus on technology solutions. We are working in support of it, a citizen-owned network dedicated to creating, sharing and supporting ethical journalism. 
Instafeed is not meant to completely replace existing business models, but rather to enhance them.

Our brand is reflected through every touchpoint a customer or prospect may have with any extension of our organisation. It is imperative these experiences be consistent and create a positive, long-lasting experience. 
The Instafeed brand promise communicates the unique values that distinguish us from the competition. The words “empower” and “trust” are the core attributes which truly clarify the foundation of our business.



We empower & encourage citizens to have their own voice and freedom to write or showcase the hidden reality in front of the world in real-time.

super star


We empower & encourage superstars to uncover unrealistic information from across the corners of the world.



We empower brands to encourage more and more viewers to read the most authentic information.

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