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Become a More Valuable Player of the Team

You want to stand out in the workplace. Your sheer commitment to work, zero error targets, punctuality, and willingness to travel to cover your responsibilities make you do so. Yet, are you aware of the cost to your health, personal relationships, and overall quality of life? Decide for yourself where you want to be in the short term as well as in the long-term. Sit back to take an objective look at what is vital for you, and what you might as well let go.

### Get Your Priorities in Place
Regardless of where you work, take stock of what you want to achieve, and what you’re willing to relinquish. There are no absolute rights and wrongs as far as career and family are concerned. There are priorities of what is more important to you, and what you are willing to forego to achieve them. You must decide at the onset of your career how far you are willing to allow your professional life to impinge on your personal one.

**Do this:** Create a list of your expectations, and another one of your priorities. Do you perceive any conflict in them? If yes, then you might need to cogitate over it a bit, and realign at least one, if not both. If you need to change your work profile, or even where you work; take the plunge while you’re still able to.

### Remain Flexible: Go it Step by Step

The best way to achieve your goals is to arrive step by step. The advantage of this method is that in case you need to recast your goals or your priorities, you will retain the flexibility to do so. As you grow in your profession, you’ll need to learn to delegate responsibilities and authority. This will free you up to closely monitor what is of abiding value in your personal life and career. It would be an excellent idea to periodically review the situation — that could be every quarter, half-yearly, or annually.

**Size it up:** Are you anywhere near your targets in terms of pay and perks; physical security at the workplace; status, and recognition? If not, ask yourself whether your aims were realistic and/or achievable in the first place.
### Ask for that Raise or Promotion
Don’t struggle with yourself. If you deserve it, don’t hesitate to ask for a raise or a promotion. Your boss isn’t going to spend valuable time trying to second guess what you want. Without being aggressive or aggrieved, state in plain terms why you think you deserve that raise or promotion.
Your boss won’t be able to guess you’re willing to take on greater responsibility, and that you’ve been preparing for that role, until you verbalize it. As a matter of caution, check the status of the company’s financial health; and use your emotional quotient to gauge your boss’ mood before speaking up.

### Make Your Contribution Count
Your value to the organization you work for is directly proportionate to your productivity; i.e. how efficiently and comprehensively are you able to complete your work assignment. When your priorities are aligned to your career goals, they’ll reflect in your choices, and functional activities. It could boil down to what you are focused on.
However, if that achievement is ruining your family life, keep in mind that your job will not remain forever; but unless you’ve gone horribly wrong, your family will stick with you till the last.
Find ways in which to become a more valuable player in the team, without compromising on the quality of your personal life.

**Author** :- Kalopna Moitra

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