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To add the list of adjectives one may use to describe India is another word "Superstitious”. Majority of people in India are strongly obsessed with their superstitious beliefs, beliefs that apparently seem to have no logic at all, beliefs based on irrational thinking and beliefs that could never stop astonishing humans. Do you never feel annoyed or irritated when you are forcibly asked to follow these superstitions by your mom or daadi maa or you naani maa? Honestly, one might be quite flabbergasted at first when they encounter any superstition for the first time in their lives and they may go like...”What sense does this even make?"..Because yes truly,

What sense does it make to not cut nails or hair or shave on a Tuesday? Isn't Tuesday just like any other day when one could be hygienic? What sense does it make to not trim you dirty nails or not shave the overgrown beard just because it is a Tuesday?

What sense does it make that one should not use soap on a Thursday? Why would anyone in this entire world be willing to feel like they haven't taken a bath at all? Why would you one want to keep their hair dirty for it’s a Thursday? What if it's your wedding on a Thursday, would you still stick to such beliefs and not wash your hair or bathe without using soap?

What in the world could happen if we cross the path just passed on by a cat? How in this world could one ever face something as big as an accident simply because a cat crossed their way? The least I remember that happened with me when I walked on the path crossed by cat is that one of the straps of my slipper broke? How much of bad luck is this?

How much luck could befall on a household who hangs a lemon and chillies on the grills of the rooftops and the front doors while on the other hand we synonym lemons for problems we face in our lives. How could a bunch of sour lemons and tart chillies bring good luck? Let alone chillies one might also find a slipper or a black frightening mask kind of a thing hanging on the front doors.

How much auspicious could it be to eat something sugary or sweet before any kind of 'Shubh Karya'? Like isn't this a bit discriminatory for people suffering from diabetes? How would their Subh Karya end up Suvh anymore? How would the dairy milk sell its chocolates?(pun intented?)

Why widows are considered inauspicious? Is it that they killed their husbands so they could rule the house? Is it that now they are leading an all the more happy kind of a life that the world decides to curb a bit of their joy by treating them as ill-fated and forcing them to not marry again and drape a white coloured saree for the rest of their lives? Isn’t the death of their beloved not enough of angst for them to handle that we impose such baseless superstitions to add to their misery?

How in this world could a menstruating woman be dirty or unclean and inauspicious enough to not enter into a temple? Why is it she is treated as though she has picked from a heap of dirt and hasn't yet been bathed? What possible harm could the menstrual blood being absorbed by the sanitary napkin or the tampon inside her underwear which is again inside her trousers do to the dummy or the idol of god made out of stones and mud?

These happen to be the most regular and common type of superstitions we face while there can be zillion of others like shaking of legs leads to loss of money and brings bad luck, if someone sneezes before they are about to embark a journey it brings misfortune, it is the celestial bodies that decide your fate, that there is a particular time during the day called the "Rahukalla" that brings bad luck. Some of these might sound hilarious at the first instant while others are oppressing, annoying and quite racist as well.

But one common feature associated with each one of them is that they are all baseless. Even if for just once in our lives but surely we all must have questioned to us that why the hell am I doing or not doing this? Though people and Google have different scientific expiations and logics to back these beliefs but in this era of modernisation where one day we would probably able to see our future who would not cut nails on a Tuesday?

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