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How to Age gracefully?

No matter what you try, you cannot stop the clock from ticking away. So it is evident that we will get older in course of time. If you be little bit more reasonable we can make this aging process graceful. Here we are about to discuss some aspects of aging and how to make it more graceful.

**Accept the life – **To make your old joyful, the first thing that you need to do is accept the truth of life. You have to feel that life never stops and you have to cope up with the changing time. You cannot sit back and watch the time go by. This is not going to change anything in your favor that it will make things worse. So accept the fact that you can do what you did but also discover things that you can do now but could not do say twenty years ago. Can you imagine spending whole day fishing with your friends when you were in your thirties? This is the finest aspect of life. You always get something new as you lose something, life doesn’t allow vacuum. All you need to have is a mindset to accept that and derive happiness from what you are getting. Remember the key for staying well is happiness and age does not come in your in any way.

**Stay active –** As we get older we tend to seize the activities in our life. We get retired; we get more dependent on others for our daily living. But this will confine you to your house, room and your bed eventually. So stay active it will keep your body fit and mind in healthy condition. Do regular exercises, especially cardiovascular exercises are good for your health. Doctors often advice to pump your heart once or twice a week will definitely improve your cardiac health. Go for a walk, swim, play golf, go for a trekking – do anything what you like but stay active.

**Eat good food – **Our health and mind are greatly affected by what we eat. As we age we need to take more care of our food. Try to eat more green vegetables and whole grains as that will give you all the nutrients. Eat organic food and drink plenty of fruit juice and water as that will flush toxins from your system. Remember as you age you need to select your food that does not harm your body and help you stay fit.

**Author:-** Anupriya

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