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Reliance Industries Disrupts The Telecom Sector Again – Gifts India A Features-Rich JioPhone Handset For Free!

When Mukesh Ambani speaks, Reliance customers and investors waited with a huge sense of expectation not knowing what lie in store for them. At the same time, competitors wait with a huge sense of apprehension, not knowing what will hit them next. The Reliance Industries AGM held on July 21, 2017 saw several announcements being made by the Chairman and Managing Director but the announcement of the day was “Reliance JioPhone to be made available free of cost”.

### **What You Already Know About JioPhone**
By now, everyone knows that Reliance Industries JioPhone will be offered for free under a deposit arrangement and the pre-ordering process will start from August 24, 2017. While the phone is effectively free, buyers will have to pay one-time security deposit fee of Rs 1,500 which will be fully refunded after 36 months. Pre-orders can be made using the MyJio app or offline through Jio Stores.

While there are smartphone galore on the market, a Reliance phone cannot be counted among the also-rans because the corporate giant believes in disruptive marketing. Customers can expect something different than the usual benefits from Reliance JioPhone. This is a common sentiment shared by those who know how Reliance conducts their business.

Reliance is targeting those users who are unable to own the pricey smartphones and hence cannot access the 4G network of Jio. The JioPhone will address this problem by providing an affordable 4G-VoLTE capable features-rich phone with Reliance smart apps.

### **Some Of The Unique And Value-Added Features In The New JioPhone Handset**
JioPhone is the country’s first long-term evolution (LTE)-ready handset. The phone is compatible with 22 Indian regional languages and can be operated through voice commands. You can also play videos using Reliance Jio apps.
The phone comes with the much-needed distress call feature. You can send distress messages to selected contacts on your list by simply long-pressing numeric key 5.
Want to mirror your phone screen on your TV? Reliance JioPhone can make it happen. Reliance will be launching a Jio Phone-TV cable that can be used to mirror your phone screen on any TV set for the entire family to enjoy the high quality streaming services of Jio.

Reliance Jio will also be introducing a field communication ready phone later this year. Users can make digital transactions from the phone with a single tap from their linked bank account, UPI or through POS. While the hardware for this is in place, a software update will be enabled later for this feature to be fully activated.

The ‘India ka smartphone’ as the JioPhone has been introduced by Mukesh Ambani, comes with the 84-days validity, Dhan Dhana Dhan offer which starts at Rs. 309 and offers 1 GB data usage per day. Higher data usage plans are also available. Those who use less data can avail of the short-term sachet plans.
Other benefits that can be enjoyed with the Reliance JioPhone are free voice and SMS for life and data at a monthly recharge of Rs 153.

**Author **:- Kanica Verma

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