date_range 09 Jul, 2020


Did you have a breakup?
Did you get your divorce?
Did you lose someone?
Were you fired?
Are you depressed?
Do you feel like giving up?

If somebody ever tells you that they have never had a depressing phase in their life they'd probably be laying. Each individual for once or twice or thrice or maybe even more than that goes through a phase when life is synoymed for existence and living for breathing. You don’t feel like moving an inch, you don’t feel like uttering a syllable, you don’t feel like breathing.

You try hard not to stay awake so you can escape the horrors of your experience but sleep cheats you. Sleepless nights and wet pillows become best friends. Sometimes sleeping pills that refuse to work also come in handy.

They say Time heals everything but somehow you feel like an entire lifetime cannot be enough for the healing. Many give up, some lose hope and trust forever, some resort to drinking and smoking and drugs, some move on and then there are others who move on happily. The difference between the newly turned drug addict, chain smoker, alcoholic and the one with a smile enjoying his life again lies only in the attitude towards the problem.

Time may heal things but you have to you when it’s time to start living again. There can be friends and there can be alcohol too that may help but helping yourself is the best therapy. One cannot expect angles to descend with a handful of pixy dust that could undo the pain and suffering, one cannot expect miracles overnight for it you believe in God to do this to you, I am afraid you are up for major disappointment.
Take your time days, weeks, months, and a year but once you decide promise yourself to never look back ever again. Nobody stops you from crying it out but you should know when to stop.

The realisation of how important self love and happiness, that it only happened to make you strong, that it happened for nothing but your good, that you can still breathe, that there's a life other than this, that it was just a part and not the whole of it, that there are people waiting for you with open arms, that you are still capable of loving, hoping and dreaming helps a great deal.
Happiness is a very personal thing. It is you who decide and no one else for you. Take the steering wheel of your life in your hands and rush it out of the dark memories and people. Cut off all contacts, break the link, and destroy things that remind you about them, that you hold you like the leash on your leg while you try to crawl.

Never let your life rot even if someone or something took a chunk of it and let in the bin. Get out of it no matter what it takes. Just be your own hero. If you are still hanging in there then jump down the rope my friend. You would not fall down but you will fly for now you have wings or strength.

**Author**- Sanya Arora

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