5 formats of Bigg Boss that turned out to be a big flop

Year after year viewers have been eager to see what’s new with Bigg Boss and right from a month prior buzz around the show begins.

5 formats of Bigg Boss that turned out to be a big flop
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Year after year viewers have been eager to see what’s new with Bigg Boss and right from a month prior buzz around the show begins. Other than the contestants, some other things the fans are excited about are the decor of the house as well as the theme. And every year the makers also work very hard in bringing to us the best possible themes for Bigg Boss, however, in the recent past these themes haven’t worked for the show and were silently done away with during the course of the game.  

Even though the taglines and promotions of the show were designed around the theme, one month down the line when things didn’t seem to work out the makers switch back to the original format of the show, something similar happened last year and might happen this year too. Playing up on the lockdown theme, the makers have been claiming ab scene paltega and they have also been introducing twists that live up to the theme, but we will have to see for how long does this continue. Here are 5 themes that failed big time…

1) Bigg Boss 7 - Saath Saath (Heaven and Hell)

While we saw some glimpses of a theme in Bigg Boss 6, in Bigg Boss 7 the house was divided into heaven and hell and the contestants were also divided accordingly. While those in heaven had luxurious facilities, the one in hell had to struggle with everything not so fancy. And this theme in the house was maintained for a month and a half, but after it didn’t work with the audience, the house was merged into one. 

2) Bigg Boss 9 - Double Trouble

After a successful aircraft and secret society theme in season 8, the audience was looking forward to Bigg Boss 9’s double trouble theme. However, this one too turned out to be a huge disappointment. Yes, in double trouble the contestants were divided in pairs and entered the house with their hands tied, but in the initial weeks only the was discontinued and no viewers understood the idea behind it.

3) Bigg Boss 10 - India Isse Apna Hi Ghar Samjho

When Bigg Boss opened its doors to commoners for the first time ever, there was  a lot of excitement in viewers as it was commoners versus celebrities. But this season turned out to be the worse and most controversial one of Bigg Boss as it had some of the cheapest contestants. And while these commoners were not actually common, the theme also disappeared from the format after a while and no one knows why. 

4) Bigg Boss 11 - Padosi bajaayenge Baara

While season 11 was one of the most entertaining ones, it started of with great hype where viewers were told how the nosy neighbors will give the contestants a tough time. The team even brought some of the choicest commoners who promised to add spice to the show, but they were the blandest padosi’s and when they couldn’t add any fuel to the fire (honestly, they didn’t even need to), the padosi theme was discarded from the show. 

5) Bigg Boss 13 - Fast Forward

Even the last season, which was supposed to be a fast forward seemed to hit a speed breaker after the first finale at one month. Yes, everything in Bigg Boss 13 was supposed to be super fast along with the friends forever theme, but in a month both the themes were done away with as they didn’t work and the makers gave the show an extension. 

Even now in season 14, while we see a BB Mall, a BB Spa and a BB Theater, we don’t if these parts of the house will be redundant throughout the season and if the ‘ab scene paltega’ theme will be discontinued soon. To find out, keep watch Bigg Boss and stay tuned!

Written by Nawaz Kochra