EXCLUSIVE: Sara Gurpal the reason behind Shehzad Deol’s exit from Bigg Boss 14?

Not in-house voting, but as per a source Sara Gurpal is the reason behind Shehzad’s exit from the Bigg Boss 14 house…

EXCLUSIVE: Sara Gurpal the reason behind Shehzad Deol’s exit from Bigg Boss 14?
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Every year there are a lot of interesting things we get to see on Bigg Boss and one of the most favourite on the show is the love angle. And while this year romance is yet to bloom in the Bigg Boss 14 house, seems like there is a story full of twists and turns behind it. And if our sources our to be believed then the delay in romance has a very dramatic back story which is also linked to Sara Gurpal and Shehzad Deol’s eviction. 

As per a source, the recent eviction of Shehzad Deol from the house has a Sara Gurpal connection. “At the beginning of the new season, the makers were hoping for Sara and Shehzad to be the cute lovebirds in the house, however, with the twist from toofani seniors that led to Sara’s eviction, things changed in the house and the plans drastically," says the source. The source further adds, “With Sara going from the house, there was no point for the makers to even keep Shehzad in the game as the love angle plan backfired. And so they decided to eliminate the Punjabi model through in-house voting.”

For those who don’t know Punjabi actress Sara Gurpal, Punjabi model Shehzad Deol and actor Nishant Singh Malkani had shared the stage with host Salman Khan. That time too, both the men were supposed to impress Sara with some romantic pick-up line. Our source, that it was then the makers thought something might happen between Sara-Shehzad. But with the change in the game and also Sara’s exit lots of things changed. 

Even though Jaan was the weakest and received the least votes, the makers thought that a love angle might take place between him and Nikki which is why they decided that Shehzad should be shown the door. After his exit from the house, Shehzad also revealed that he was very disappointed with his eviction and called it unfair. “I was understanding the game at every stage, there has never been in house voting in the Bigg Boss house, still this time it happened. I received 2 votes while the other two got 4 each, and we were made to do a tie and I was forced to get involved in it. I was not even allowed to perform the task and that was more shocking for me. See the history of Bigg Boss, whoever is the winner has two options either to get saved by audience voting or through some task. But both these opportunities were snatched from me. If I get a chance, I would like to remove Jaan Kumar Sanu. If we look at public voting he had received the least number of votes, nobody likes him. ” Shehzad told us in an exclusive interview.  

Our source further adds that now the makers are banking on Nishant and Jasmin, Ejaz-Pavitra or Nishant-Naina’s love story blossoming in the house. Well, we will only have to wait and watch who become the love birds of Bigg Boss 14, till then stay tuned!

Written by Nawaz Kochra