With virtual weddings being the new reality, here’s everything you need to know about the concept

Not just education, now weddings will happen online too, thanks to virtual reality, and here are some tips to make your virtual wedding feel real…

With virtual weddings being the new reality, here’s everything you need to know about the concept
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In 2020, with the new decade bringing upon us a pandemic that changed our lives, many of us even resorted majorly to the virtual medium. And while shopping for clothes and daily needs happened through the digital medium, online education also has become a reality and now, even marriages can happen online. 

Have you heard of virtual wedding? Well, it is a recent concept that has gained prominence. In the Corona crisis, keeping in mind the social distancing norms in mind amidst a huge crowd in wedding, even management companies invented the concept of the virtual wedding. Corona seems to have changed the way we usually led our lives and a lot of it has been revamped. 

We have no answers as to when will Covid-19 end. In this phase, not just in financial activities, but we even got to see major changes in educational, political and social activities. From studies, to board meetings to court hearings everything has taken the virtual route. And going by a report from Insider, 12000 virtual weddings have happened only in the month of October. The spike is 37% more compared to earlier. 

What is virtual wedding?

Virtual weddings mean weddings that happen through online video conferencing. Here all the rituals happen online, all the wedding legal formalities also happen online. Friends, relatives and other guests also join the wedding functions. While we see the youngsters dance online in the videos, the elders of the family are also seen blessing the bride and the groom. Even the make-up artist is seen giving beauty tips online. 

How to divide the responsibility of the guests and how to welcome them?

Guests are a very important part of a wedding, even they wish to be a part of your life’s most important and happy day. Now as friends and relatives join the festivities online, here’s how you can make their experience a great one. 

- Keep an online dance session, where your close friends and family shake a leg. 

- Provide them online dinner coupons. 

- Keep a welcome event and assign the close guests with some responsibility for the event. 

Some other important things you need to keep in mind for a virtual wedding are…

- Discuss the event with your partner. 

- Take suggestions for the event from the family. 

- Take advise from guests and friends too. 

- Also, take help from portals and wedding planners. 

Here are the 6 best streaming platforms for virtual weddings…

- Love Stream

- Google Hangout

- Lovecast

- Wedfully

- Joy

- Zoom 

Benefits of virtual wedding

- You will not have to postpone your wedding date. 

- Social Distancing will be maintained. 

- Everybody will be able to join the wedding. 

- Virtual weddings are not very expensive. 

What does a survey tell about virtual weddings in India?

The most popular matchmaking site Jeevansaathi.com conducted a survey about virtual weddings in India. According to that, it was seen that majority of the people in India prefer getting married in the traditional manner. As per the survey, it was seen that 89% of people are not in favour of virtual weddings. 58% of people are okay to get married with 50 guests present. 21% of people are in favour of getting married after Corona. 

Written by Nawaz Kochra