Is Kangana Ranaut the modern day Parveen Babi? Read for some striking similarities

With all that Kangana Ranaut has been doing, most of her actions remind us of the iconic Parveen Babi…

Is Kangana Ranaut the modern day Parveen Babi? Read for some striking similarities
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It is a weird coincidence to see how two people's life can be so similar. Well, we have seen many of our Bollywood leading ladies have some traits that reminds us of yesteryear actresses, but Kangana Ranaut in particular has had a life that is very similar to that of late actress Parveen Babi. Not just their lives, even their stance and relationships have been of a similar pattern which only makes us wonder if it is some eerie coincidence. 

Well, for those who don’t know actress Parveen Babi was a popular name of the 70s and 80s era in Bollywood, in fact, she was also one of the highest-paid actresses of her time. In terms of popularity, Kangana is also no less, she has also been amongst the creme-de-la-creme of Bollywood and has tasted stardom. But other than their stardom both the ladies have some other things in common too…

Bollywood Brawl

We all know how it is daggers drawn for Kangana with Bollywood every now and then. In fact, we even see her attacking the movie mafia for almost everything. Do you know? Even Parveen had taken on Bollywood at one point in time. After rumors of her being diagnosed with paranoid schizophrenia came around, she denied them stating it to be a conspiracy from the film industry as an effort to malign her image. 

Parveen had also taken on megastar Amitabh Bachchan accusing him of conspiring to kill her. In fact, in a magazine interview, she had called Big B a super international gangster who was after her life. And though a little different and a little subtle, Kangana also took on filmmaker Karan Johar accusing him of nepotism and calling him the snooty movie mafia. 


The late Parveen Babi’s affairs and relationships were most talked about in the media circles. In fact, Parveen was always said to have an affair with her co-stars. But moreover, she was known to have affair with married men. Like Parveen, Kangana also has a relationship history with married men. Like Parveen, Kangana has also accused them of doing wrong to her. 

Parveen dated Danny Denzongpa, Kabir Bedi, Mahesh Bhatt and even had a brief affair with Amitabh Bachchan. Kangana on the other hand has been in a relationship with Aditya Pancholi, Ajay Devgn, and Hrithik Roshan. And both the ladies did not have a happy ending with these relationships.                                                        


Yes, as striking it may sound, but not only Kangana burnt bridges with politicians, even Parveen had accused the BJP Government, US, French and British Government, and even Prince Charles of conspiring to kill her. 

And Kangana’s issues with politicians is something we all know about. 

Messing up with Authorities

Well, Parveen has rubbed some authorities the wrong way. In fact, in 1984 she was handcuffed at the John Kennedy Airport after she failed to provide identification proof. Even Kangana has taken on the authorities, while she called out Mumbai police for its leniency in the Sushant Singh Rajput Death Case, she also had an issue with the BMC after her office was vandalized. 

Another coincidence is that Kangana has portrayed a chapter of Parveen Babi’s life in her film Woh Lamhe. The only difference between these two actresses is that Parveen gave up on life too soon, she quit Bollywood and moved on. Remained alone and died a sad death. As for Kangana, she became a firebrand who is taking on her detractors by the day. Even though alone, Kangana is a one-man army. And we hope that despite a life similar to the late Parveen Babi, Kangana’s end shouldn’t be a tragic one. 

Written by Nawaz Kochra