The Kapil Sharma show has had its share of ups and downs, here are all the controversies it faced

While The Kapil Sharma Show started with an aim to make people laugh, on its way there have been some serious issues the show has dealt with…

The Kapil Sharma show has had its share of ups and downs, here are all the controversies it faced
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Comedian-turned-Actor Kapil Sharma started off his career as a stand-up comedian in 2006. And while he had a decent career, he rose to fame in 2013 when he started with his comedy talk show Comedy Nights with Kapil. While the show became one of the most popular ones on television, Kapil Sharma also became the most popular Indian television personality. But the show’s run was not on a bed of roses, Kapil and his team has also had to walk on thorns. 

While Kapil Sharma’s show has faced lots of issues in its run, even recently the show has been making headlines. Krushna Abhishek who is a part of the show refused to do an episode where his uncle Govinda was the guest, this also brought their strained relationship into the limelight, making the Kapil Sharma show a talk of the town once again. Here are 5 other obstacles Kapil Sharma’s show has faced…

Comedy Nights With Kapil’s set burns up

In 2013, while Kapil Sharma’s show started to a great response, months into it being a highly rated show, a fire broke out on its set. Due to a short circuit, the entire set was burnt, and while there was no loss of life, but the loss of property amounted to Rs 20 crores, putting a break to the show’s victory march. 

Kapil Sharma’s Fight with Colors Channel

While Comedy Nights With Kapil had gained immense popularity in one year and had the biggest of stars coming to promote their film on the show, it came as a huge shock to viewers when it was announced that the show was going off-air. Reportedly, it was his fight with the channel over fees, the format of the show, and starting another comedy show called Comedy Nights Bachao that led to Kapil partway with Colors. 

Fall out with Sunil Grover

While Kapil Sharma’s show soon started over again on Sony TV, it had also gained popularity internationally. But unfortunately in 2018, after a mid-air fight with Sunil Grover, this went downhill for Kapil Sharma. Sunil who was a popular character on the show parted ways and one by one other team members also left Kapil, affecting the show’s TRPs as well as the Comedian’s health. 

Fight with Sunil Grover, took a toll on Kapil Sharma’s health causing his downfall

After his fight with Sunil Grover in 2017, things turned bad for Kapil Sharma, while his show wasn’t doing great, his health also went bad. While the actor had to cancel lots of shoots which even led to annoying some stars, before it was too late the channel announced that the show will be taken off-air for some time and they started with Family Time with Kapil Sharma, but this too didn’t work. And after things got better Kapil returned with The Kapil Sharma Show in December 2018. 

Navjot Singh Sidhu’s Exit

During the Pulwama Attacks in 2019, Navjot Singh Sidhu made some comments on Twitter which got him some major backlash. While many demanded boycotting The Kapil Sharma Show the channel had to throw him out and bring Archana Puran Singh in his place. But recently, Archana was accused of leaking the episodes on social media, even before the promos could go on air and even Kapil Sharma’s meeting with Sidhu in Amritsar raised speculations about Sidhu returning to the show. 

Written by Nawaz Kochra