EXCLUSIVE: Is Rahul Vaidya decided as the first finalist for Bigg Boss 14? Find Out

With Bigg Boss 14 nearing two months now, makers seem to be locking on the final contestants for the show…

EXCLUSIVE: Is Rahul Vaidya decided as the first finalist for Bigg Boss 14? Find Out
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salman Khan hosted Bigg Boss 14 has been getting a great response in terms of viewership and honestly, this year the contestants are much better to watch. Not just are they playing the game very well, the bunch is also very interesting, but what is more interesting is to see are the twists that have been coming this season. While the makers are living up to the ab scene paltega theme, looks like they are also making sure to not lose the good and strong contenders anymore. 

For the same reason, they have even extended singer Rahul Vaidya’s contract. A source tells us, that when Rahul entered the show there was no cap on the duration of his stay in the house, however now makers have revised his contract and according to that, the singer is decided as the first finalist most likely. The source tells, “Impressed with his quirky personality in the game so far, the makers have decided to extend his contract for 100 days plus. While the final number of days is yet to be locked, but one thing is sure that he will be among the top contenders.”

It is also said that after his 100 days contract is completed, Rahul’s stay in the house will depend on voting, but he can be a finalist in the show. So far, we have seen a very interesting graph in Rahul’s personality, from his ‘I don’t give a damn stance’ to his vulnerable side to him proposing Disha on the show, Rahul has been giving the makers a lot of content due to his strong personality. And there is not an episode where the singer is not seen. 

The source also adds that “With his graph on the show, makers plan to keep him till the end.” In fact, Rahul has also been picking some serious issues in the house including the nepotism comment. Other than this he is also the sixth highest-paid contestant in the house. In terms of alliances too, Rahul has made his equations in the house very carefully and not succumb to any pressures of friendship. 

Other than Rahul, it was Rubina and Abhinav who had also signed a 40-day contract at the beginning of the show. Now while their contract has ended, the two can get eliminated based on public voting, but looks like with their game too BB14 makers might also extend their contracts. 

As for Rahul, these days he is emerging as a favorite contestant, not just because he is strong, but he is also very entertaining and is seen cracking jokes in the house during conversations. Now with Rahul confirming a spot amongst the finalists, it wouldn’t be shocking to see him take the trophy home. 

Written by Nawaz Kochra