EXCLUSIVE: Actress Pragati Mehra shares some interesting aspects of her career and they will leave you inspired

In an exclusive interview, Uttran actress Pragati Mehra shares how she shot for 7 pilot episodes and all of them were rejected…

EXCLUSIVE: Actress Pragati Mehra shares some interesting aspects of her career and they will leave you inspired
Uttran actress Pragati Mehra

While the acting world has attracted a lot of people, we see many come here and struggle for years. But some have also been lucky enough to find work in the initial days of their career and actress Pragati Mehra is one such person. In an exclusive interview with Instafeed, the actress shared how destiny had planned a fruitful acting career for her and how she got a lot of work from the moment she came to Mumbai. From talking about playing Tapasya’s mother in Uttran to sharing her newfound love for planting vegetables at home, Pragati talks about some interesting aspects of her life. Read on…

When did you decide to become an actor?

I wanted to be in the acting world since I was a kid, but since I was brought up in Delhi, I didn’t have much idea about this line back then. I come from a family of doctors so this was a very different and new field for me. Which is why I would wonder how all of it would happen. In order to be on TV while in Delhi the only option was to be a newsreader. I started off with radio, and I was lucky since Akashwani and Doordarshan were at the same place, one day someone saw me and asked if I would like to act. I thought it was a good option and said yes. Then I was approached for one serial on Doordarshan only, after 2 years I thought that if I have to make a career in acting I will have to go to Mumbai. 

Starting off from Delhi as a radio jockey till coming to Mumbai, how has your journey been?

Initially, I came to Mumbai only for 15 days, because I didn’t know anyone here. But I feel I was very lucky as if Mumbai was waiting for me. Soon after I came here I shot for 7 ads and I thought there was a lot of work here, everything was going fine. I even shot for 7 pilot episodes but nothing got approved from it, they were all with good producers. I had thought that out of 7 at least 2 would get approved, but not even one was approved. And all of this is not in an actor’s hand, after that I worked on a lot of shows, but it was Uttran that brought me fame.  

What are the kind of projects you like to do? Didn’t you ever wish to play a lead role in shows?

I don’t like to work as a filler, if I get a call from someone and the person is unable to describe the role, then I don’t do it. I always want to know why am I selected for a role or what is the importance of that role or is the role only to fill in some gap. Even if the shot is only for 1 or 2 days, it should be impactful. I don’t want to work like a potato that can fit anywhere, I like to do roles that have some kind of value to them. 

How was your lockdown? Did you learn anything new?

I will not say that I discovered anything new about myself, because I know my strength and weaknesses from before. I have always loved cooking and have made amazing food, so I cannot even say that I found the inner chef in me. Yes, I spent a lot of time home, cooked food for myself, but otherwise, I didn’t do anything special. 

Other than acting what else interests you?

My interests change with time, so there is nothing specific that I have loved from childhood till now. Whatever I like, I try that. Now I have developed an interest in growing vegetables at home, I have also loved planting and have lots of plants on my balcony. But planting vegetables in pots is something I have started now. Other than this, one thing I have always loved as a child and still do is to travel. I even love to drive and whenever I get a chance I go for a drive. 

Written by Nawaz Kochra