Sushant Singh Rajput’s mental condition months before his suicide will leave you heart broken, watch video

Two videos of the late Sushant Singh Rajput have surfaced online and seeing the actor’s condition in them will leave his fans and loved ones shattered

Sushant Singh Rajput’s mental condition months before his suicide will leave you heart broken, watch video
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Two videos of the late Sushant Singh Rajput have surfaced online and seeing the actor’s condition in them will leave his fans and loved ones shattered…

On June 14 actor Sushant Singh Rajput was found hanging to a ceiling fan in his Bandra home, while his death was stated to be a suicide, many of his fans and his close ones strongly doubted that that actor was murdered. And since the beginning of investigations around Sushant Singh Rajput’s death, till now there has been a lot of brouhaha and drama. While the invetsagtions have brough to the surface the horrific drug angle and Bollywood’s connection with it, Sushant’s girlfriend Rhea and her brother Showik, and SSR’s house manager Samuel Miranada have also been under scrutiny for the same. 

Right from the early days of his death, Sushant’s fans demanded a CBI probe and after investigation and the drug angle coming to the forefront, the Narcotics bureau also got involved, after which the case has been unfolding quite easily. In context to accusations of Rhea giving drugs to Sushant in the name of medicines and driving the actor to being an addict in his rough professional patch, the actress was interrogated for 3 days by the NCB. And after some contradictory versions from the prime accused Rhea, the NCB decided to arrest the actress on Tuesday. As per reports, Rhea has been given a jail sentence for 14 days and the NCB has demanded for her judicial custody too. Amidst all this Zee News has released two videos of the actor from a few months before he committed suicide and seeing his mental condition in both the videos will leave Sushant’s fans and loved ones shocked. 

In the first video which is from February 2020 the Dil Bechara actor is seeing in a terrible frame of mind. Not only is his behavior shocking, but even his body language spells some kind of foul play. In the video we see a childlike Sushant answering questions asked by Rhea Chakraborty about what he is reading, what is his skin colour and also about losing in Ludo. In the video, Sushant is also seen calling himself a zero, after which Rhea tells him not to think like that and that he, is a hero. We all see Sushant having a mood swing during the video, but Rhea handles him quite lovingly like a child. While it is hard to say who the culprit is behind Sushant’s death from this video, seeing the bright actor in such a condition is really heart breaking. 

In the second video that seems to be closer to the actor’s suicide, Sushant’s beard is grown and the actor looks in a little calm and composed state of mind while he is talking to someone.  Though all doesn’t look well with the actor, his condition in the video points out that all is not well with the actor. His way of talking is weird, and the actor doesn’t seem to be mentally present in the room during that conversation. While we also see Sushant’s mood swing in this video, with his state it looks like the actor is in serious mental trauma. Even when he is asked about his medicines, the actor absentmindedly says yes, after which Rhea reminds him that she will give him the afternoon dose after he eats. 

In its news bulletin, Zee News took Psychiatrist Sandeep Vohra’s opinion about Sushant’s behavior. And decoding the same the doctor said that in the first video Sushant’s childlike behavior is observed and also his regressive behavior comes to the forefront.  According to Dr Sandeep Vohra, Sushant was doing something that would be inappropriate for his elderly family member to see. However, Sandeep also pointed out that it would be difficult to say whether Sushant is suffering from a mental condition or is under the influence of drugs in this video. He also pointed out that Sushant pkaying Ludo before the lockdown is kind off unusual than normal. 

About the second video Dr Sandeep, said that Sushant’s body language points out that he might be suffering from depression. While there are some mood swings also seen from the actor, Dr Sandeep points out that some people behave this way when they are going through mental trauma, are having weird thoughts or their life has come to a standstill. However, after seeing these videos it was hard to tell what the actor’s driving point to committing suicide was. 

While it is said that a day prior to his suicide Sushant asked Rhea to leave, when the actress lived with him, her family and friends often visited them. They would even have parties where drugs were consumed. In a interview to a news channel, Rhea had also revealed that in September-October 2019, they had gone on a trip where Sushant’s health deteriorated and they had to cut short the trip and return. After this she also said that the late actor saw 4-5 doctors for treatment, but with the drug angle being unearthed, reports claimed that there was some foul play with Sushant’s medicines. 

As per latest developments, Rhea is in police custody. Her brother Showik and Sushant’s house manager Samuel Miranada were also arrested. In the 8 hour long investigation at the NCB office, Showik and Samuel were brought face to face with Sushant’s home staff Dipesh Sawant, followed by an arrest. Now, Rhea’s lawyer has applied for a bail for the actress and her brother, its hearing is scheduled for 10th September, let’s see what happens?

Written by Nawaz Kochra (Entertainment Journalist, Mumbai)