Rhea Chakraborty gets a bail! What have done as a nation - preyed on an innocent?

After spending almost a month in jail, the high court finally granted bail to actress Rhea Chakraborty, here are all the allegations placed on the actress

Rhea Chakraborty gets a bail! What have done as a nation - preyed on an innocent?
Rhea chakraborty

The high court recently granted bail to actress Rhea Chakraborty and all of this happened after the CBI and the forensic team of AIIMS announced that there was no foul play in Sushant Singh Rajput’s death. It was indeed a suicide. With Rhea getting a bail, all we can think of is what we have done to an innocent person as a nation? When it came to Rhea so many of us pounced on her like hungry hawks, passing judgments, putting accusations, tagging her with labels, and moreover seeing her as a criminal. 

Now with the Jalebi actress walking home free, it is time we retrospect our hypocrisy with reference to Rhea Chakraborty. From the time the actress came under the scanner, we forgot the basic rule that she is a woman whose modesty is paramount, but as a nation, we quickly stood up to question the safety of women when the Hathras and Balrampur rape cases happened. We quickly took to social media to sympathies with the victims and we the same people pointed fingers at Rhea, telling her what not. Here are all the allegations that were put on Rhea Chakraborty: 

Character Assassination

Right from the initial days of Sushant’s suicide, Rhea’s character was taken for granted. What not was told about her, while she received rape threats and abuses on social media, in the mainstream too she was dragged and defamed for what not. From cheating on the late Sushant to trying to create problems between him and his family, all we wanted was to stamp ‘BAD’ on her character. 


And while questioning her loyalty with Sushant was not enough, that we even went on to slut-shame her with so many link-ups. She was not only said to be cheating on Sushant with other men, but was linked to Mahesh Bhatt, Aditya Thackeray, Sooraj Pancholi, and every other guy she probably was in contact with. And all this happened just because she wasn’t that big an actress in Bollywood, and more so because she was a woman. 

Gold Digger

Sadly, we just didn’t stop at slut-shaming, we further even went on to tag her as a gold digger who only dated Sushant for his money. Yes, she was accused of siphoning money from his bank accounts and the ‘oh-so-proud-of-their-journalism’ news channels gladly went on to display the late actor's bank statements on national television. They tried to show how Sushant paid for Rhea’s make-up or for her shopping but isn’t that something almost any or every boyfriend would do? Other than this Rhea was accused of spending that money on her family and even celebrating with them at Sushant’s expense. 


The nastiest tag stamped on Rhea was of being a murderer, from accusations of taking him to the wrong doctors to giving him some medicines that deteriorated his mental condition, to even arranging drugs for him and finally killing him with a drug overdose, we all passed the verdict that Rhea was Sushant’s murderer. 

But what many of us didn’t realize was that she was the only person who took care of him, who stood with him till the end, who took all of this shame just out of her love with the late actor. While we can only be sorry towards her, her troubles don’t end here. She is supposed to report to the nearest police station for the next 10 days after her bail, she also has to pay a bail amount of Rs 1 lakh and surrender her passport to the police. And also get her presence in the city marked every Monday for the next 6 months. 

Written by Nawaz Kochra