7 intimate hygiene tips every man must follow

Following these 7 intimate hygiene tips will help you feel clean down under. So, every man please take note…

7 intimate hygiene tips every man must follow
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Hygiene is a very important part of our daily lives and while there are many different types of hygiene we are supposed to practice, intimate hygiene I probably one of the most important ones. Especially, for men. But unfortunately, we ended up ignoring intimate hygiene that leads to a lot of problems that every man must take note of. But first what we need to keep in mind is that the genital area is way more sensitive than any other part of the body, which is why it requires a separate hygiene routine. 

Why is intimate hygiene so important?

While odourful and smelly genitals are a big turn-off for the opposite sex there are also some other reasons why intimate hygiene is very important. Also, maintaining hygiene down there is important for sexual well-being and fitness. Another fact about men’s intimate hygiene is that the area around the groin has more sweat glands compared to other parts of the body, and this increases the chances of foul smell, irritation, and even allergies or rations in the genital region. This is why a hygiene routine is extremely important for the manhood and simply washing the organ with just water while showering is not enough. 

What happens when your private part is not clean?

Other than it has a foul smell, irritation, rashes, pimples, itching, and excessive sweating, not cleaning your penis might also have some bigger issues. Especially when you miss cleaning your foreskin (if you have one) properly, a cheese-like looking substance known as smegma accumulates under it. While the smegma acts a natural lubricant that keeps the penis moist, when it accumulates under the foreskin, it produces a foul smell. Not just that it also becomes a breeding ground for the bacteria and can lead to discomfort with you having redness and swelling down there.

And while this has gotten you worried, here are 7 tips that will help you keep your private part hygienic and healthy…

1. Grooming regularly

Manscaping is extremely important, especially for your private parts, for it reduces sweating. And for hygiene purposes you need to make a trimming routine, after washing your pubes clean with hot water, you need to trim properly. Also, using a razor to shave the area is not advisable for it can cause irritation. Another tip to keep in mind is that after you trim the hair on and around your manhood, you need to clean it properly with water and even apply some moisturizer once done.

2. Use intimate washes

Washing your manhood with soap is always a big NO. Yes, because the area around the penis is so sensitive it needs to be cleaned with gentle intimate washes. The chemicals in the soap are too harsh for the oh-so-sensitive genital region which can lead the area to become dry, causing itchiness and redness. 

3) Good Underwear is a must

What most men don’t realize is the importance of good underwear. Yes, wearing tight underwear is not just discomforting but also harmful to your testicles. In fact, studies say that a tight undergarment can also affect sperm production in men. So wearing proper fitting underwear is always mandatory. Also, another important tip is to wear fresh underwear with the right fabric every time, in order to avoid bacterial infections and skin rashes. 

4) Also, wear loose pants

Not just the right underwear, a good fitting pant or jeans is also good for keeping your manhood healthy and fit. In the area near your genital, the fit needs to lose to avoid restriction and over heating of the boys down there. Overheating around the crotch can affect fertility and also lead to infections like the jock itch. Another important thing is to wear supportive clothes while working out, else it can impact the testicles in harmful ways. 

5) Always, wash up and dry before and after sex

Our sexual organs usually get involved in an act that is very messy, and that is exactly why you need to wash up and dry the area both before and after sex. Washing up before sex is important because it will wash away the sweat and prevent any infections from getting transferred to your partner. And washing up after sex is necessary to avoid any infections that would be caused due to the secretions. 

6) Keep checking your manhood from time to time

Even though this might sound weird, checking and looking at your penis in a mirror is very important. And it is so to check for any kind of abnormalities that would be developing without your knowledge. So keep a check for lumps, blisters, rashes, sores, etc. Any noticeable abnormality in that region can point out to cancer or STDs. On spotting anything like that, immediately consult a doctor.

7) Eat healthy

Yes, eating healthy is equally very important, for what you eat also leads to the foul smell down there. Eating the right kind of foods reduces sweat and the foul smell, especially citrus fruits, and spinach. Drinking lots of water and green tea is also helpful. 

Written by Nawaz Kochra