Every man needs to follow these 5 personal hygiene habits on a daily basis

While personal hygiene is a way of life, in today’s time it is a must on every man’s to-do list…

Every man needs to follow these 5 personal hygiene habits on a daily basis
personal hygiene habits every man

Amongst human beings, man (a male) is always considered to be the dirtier species. Yes, being a man, we are often told that we are supposed to be rugged and our constant smell needs to be that of sweat, which probably adds to our sex appeal too. And even though the men are supposed to sweat it out, while the women are supposed to be presentable all the time, the rules have changed in the current generation. 

Now, it is equally important for men to look presentable and on point at every given time. And while personal hygiene has always been second on our list, here are 5 habits that every man needs to follow in his daily life. 

Wash your face more than once in a day

Yes, the most simple thing for men to do is washing their faces a number of times throughout the day. This will not only hydrate your skin but will also prevent it from acne. And there is nothing fancy you need to do here, just wash your face with a chemical-free soap or facewash and you’ll have a skin. Yes, a good skin for men also looks appealing. 

Trim and Shave your hair regularly

Men have a lot more hair as compared to women and while it grows at a fast speed to shaving or trimming your beard every week needs to be a habit. And it's not just facial hair that you need to clean regularly, but the hair in the underarms and between the thighs also needs to be shaved from time to time, for it will eliminate rashes and body odor. 

Always keep a vanity

Like the ladies, you too need to have a small magical pocket with all your beauty essentials. Yes, always keep a vanity comprising of a hairbrush, deodorant, face-wash, and hair gel with you, for the impromptu plans. Not only will these occupy less space in your bag, but they will also only burn a small hole in your pocket. 

Hair hygiene is mandatory

Like we told you about facial hair, the tresses on your head also need to be clean. While men have the advantage of having shorter hair, maintain those also gets too much at times. But yes, using shampoo at least twice a week is a must for hygiene purposes, and if you want to stay away from chemicals, use products that are parabens free. 

Indulge in beauty treatments

When it comes to beauty, why should women have all the pampering? You too need a good relaxing spa treatment or detoxifying, and like that you also need some me time with a face mask for great skin. Other than that, you should also have facials and detan treatments frequently not just to look good, but also to rejuvenate your skin. 

Well, these are not something very difficult to practice on a regular basis, having them as a routine will only make your lifestyle better. 

Written by Nawaz Kochra