Here’s how you can handle a situation where your partner just doesn’t want to listen

Have an understanding partner is a true blessing, but when your partner just doesn’t want to improve, it can cause some serious complications in the relationship

Here’s how you can handle a situation where your partner just doesn’t want to listen
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Love is a magical feeling and if you have ever experienced it, you will know how your life only revolves around your loved ones. And while there is something special about our partner that makes us fall in love with them again and again, it is their manners or looks which makes our love stronger for them. 

But as some people say, love is not always a bed of roses, it has its share of thorns too. Here we are talking about the friction that comes occasionally in your love lives. While we admire our partner's good qualities, we even accept their vices, but there are times when certain actions from them make this happy adjustment a difficult one. In fact, there might be a time when your partner wouldn’t be very willing to change themselves, while this approach can lead to dire circumstances, you need to handle the situation very carefully. Here’s how you can do that…

Here’s what you should do when your partner is not willing to change at all…

In case your partner has these bad habits and is not willing to change, then it can lead to bigger problems..

These habits can lead to troubles:

- Not being able to spend time with family or at home. 

- Treat you in an extremely insulting manner. 

- To spend lavishly and carelessly.

- Alcohol addiction.

- Being unable to continue having a stable job. 

How to handle these issues?

First of all, you will have to keep in mind that nothing is impossible. Also, you need to understand that you cannot change someone’s thinking overnight. It is a time-consuming process and you might not be able to completely change a person. But you can change your approach towards the situation, and try to understand your partner’s viewpoint whenever you have a fight next time. No matter how serious the situation, you should never give up on them. 

Rediscover yourself

Rediscovering and reinventing yourself will always help you deal with rough situations in a mature manner. When a situation cannot change, you should be patient. And while things wouldn’t be going as planned, you can always talk to your partner. If your partner does not understand, you can seek therapy or counseling too. But in case you choose to speak to your partner, here are the things you should keep in mind: 

- Talk as calmly and as politely as you can. 

- Choose a time when both of you are not tired or in a bad mood to have a peaceful talk. 

- Show your partner how the situation can have a bad effect on your relationship. 

- Stick to the point rather than lecturing them on a particular issue. 

- Share your aspirations with them, tell them about what makes you happy and also what you want to do. 

Always remember, the relationship is a two-way process and unless you walk together hand in hand things can get very difficult. So next time if you address an issue with your life partner, keep all these points in mind. 

Written by Nawaz Kochra