Hailing from a small village of Haryana, here’s how Rahul Tewatia became an IPL superstar 

Cricketer Rahul Tewatia won everyone’s heart by hitting five sixes in one over, and this IPL superstar hails from a small village called Sihi in Haryana…

Hailing from a small village of Haryana, here’s how Rahul Tewatia became an IPL superstar 
Rahul Tewatia (Credit - Instagram)

As they say, life is full of surprises, you never know what might happen when, and we got to see something similar happening in the latest IPL match between Rajasthan Royals and Kings XI Punjab. During the 9th match of IPL, Rajasthan Royal’s player Rahul Tewatia left everyone surprised when he hit back-to-back fives sixes in one over. It was the 18th over when Sheldon Cotrell was at the receiving end of Rahul’s spectacular sixes, in fact, seeing his performance seasoned cricketer Yuvraj Singh also couldn’t stop praising him. Being someone who has played so spectacularly in the history of IPL here are some interesting details you need to know about Rahul Tewatia. 

- The 27-year-old Rahul is a left-handed batsman, and his bowling style is the leg-break bowler. 

- Going by his first-class record, Rahul has played 7 matches, made 190 runs. He has taken 17 wickets so far and his highest score has been 35 runs in one over. 

- Rahul has also had an impressive A-list record, with 21 matches, 484 runs, a maximum score of 484, and 33 wickets. 

- In his T20 record, the cricketer has played 50 matches, made 691 runs, his highest score has been 59 and maximum wickets have been 33. 

His history in IPL

- Rahul played his very first match in IPL as a Rajasthan Royals player in 2014, after which he was also a part of Kings XI Punjab for a year. 

- In 2017 and 2018 he was seen playing IPL as a part of Delhi Capitals. 

- Later on, once again he became a part of the Rajasthan Royals.

* The village of Harayana from where Rahul hails, has a very interesting history*

- Rahul was born on 20th May 1993 in Harayana’s Sihi village (Faridabad). 

- Sihi is the same village where the famous Hindi poet Surdas was born. 

- Also, Sihi is one of those villages, which if the Pandavas would have acquired from the Kauravas, they wouldn't have had to go on war. 

How did a farmer and pehlwan’s son become a cricketer?

- Cricket was never Tewatia’s first choice, while his grandfather was a farmer and pehlwan (wrestler), his uncle was a renowned hockey player who represented Haryana at the national-level. 

- And while Rahul was more inclined towards cricket, his father took him to India’s wicketkeeper, Vijay Yadav’s academy in Faridabad. 

- In no time, Rahul joined Harayana’s under-14 team, followed by representing Haryana in the under-16, under-19, and under-22 teams as well. He was also chosen for the national cricket academy camp. 

- Rahul had to wait for a good opportunity in his life for very long before he started playing in IPL. 

- His coach Vijay Yadav always believed that he would make a name for his amazing batting skills as compared to his bowling skills. 

Well, not only Vijay is making his family, but also his village and the entire state of Haryana proud with his performance. Hailing from a small village of Haryana, here’s how Rahul Tewatia became an IPL superstar 

Written by Nawaz Kochra