Japan announces plans to lift Covid-19 travel ban soon

The Japanese government is likely to lift travel restrictions for travelers from 106 nations soon.

Japan announces plans to lift Covid-19 travel ban soon
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In a new turn of events, the public authority of Japan has declared plans to lift Covid-19 boundary limitations for 106 countries by eliminating its entrance ban. The movie will be lifting bans for nations like the United States, the UK, and France. The Japanese government has closed its boundaries for a large portion of foreign nationals in view of the Covid-19 pandemic in 2020. 

Relaxation in Covid-19 related restrictions 

However, Tokyo has given relaxation in various Covid-19-related restrictions and additionally, it is facilitating border limitations, it doesn't mean a total opening for tourists. On Wednesday, an update by the Japanese foreign ministry stated that from Friday outsiders from the 106 nations wouldn't be subject to denial of consent to enter Japan. In any case, travelers wanting to get entry to the country for traveling purposes should wait a little longer as the nation is still not permitting an entry to them. 

Not all tourists will be allowed to enter the nation 

In the interim, various developed countries have already lifted up their Covid-19 led border restrictions to engage more visitors. However, Japan is still not prepared for a full opening. In another update, the Japanese government expressed that it won't permit passage to 56 nations, as reported by the Times of India. 

The Japanese government also stated that the daily tally of foreign visitors to Japan is 10,000 this month, from 7,000. According to authorities, the most recent modification is totally based on the Foreign Ministry bringing down the alarm level of those 106 nations on April 1. However, with the ministry's decision to set a limit for the number of issuance of visas provided at embassies abroad, Japan will keep on confining who can enter the country.