These 10 wealthiest cities of India will leave you stunned

While India is progressing at a rapid speed in order to become a superpower, these 10 richest cities in the nation will leave you stunned.

These 10 wealthiest cities of India will leave you stunned
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While urbanization, industrialization, and globalization have given an impetus to the growth of many cities in India, the technological advancements have led to the development of the nation. It has also helped other sectors to show progress on several occasions. Even though India is a developing nation, with its innovative vision, the country has been getting notice all across the world. Not only this, India is the best market to do business for many countries and that is why it has opened doors to many commercial outlets. 

Due to so much of business coming in the country, lots of cities have thrived and have become attractions for foreign direct investment all across the globe. Let us take a look at the 10 richest cities in India, which will only make you feel proud. 

1) Mumbai

Mumbai has been a major hub for some big Indian multinational companies like the Tata Group, Reliance Industries, Aditya Birla Group, etc. All these companies have their head-offices situated in Mumbai. Mumbai also has the headquarters of the Reserve Bank Of India, National Stock Exchange, Bombay Stock Exchange, and Bollywood. Mumbai’s total income is 2.845 USD, and the GDP (PPP) 310 billion. It is also known as the city of millionaires and billionaires and is the financial capital of India. 

2) Delhi

India’s capital Delhi which is one of the most populated states is on the second number in this list. Being the political capital, the chief minister, prime minister, and many other politicians reside here. Delhi which is a cosmopolitan city has a GDP (PPP) of 293.6 billion. 

3) Kolkata

Kolkata was the capital of British ruled India, it also had the country’s oldest stock exchange. Kolkata’s 83% of the population works in the tertiary sector. Kolkata is home to companies like Coal India Limited, ITC Limited, Britannia Industries, Allahabad Bank, etc. Kolkata’s GDP is 150.1 billion. 

4) Chennai

Not only is Chennai the capital of Tamil Nadu, but it is also situated close to the Bay of Bengal. It is rich in cultural and historical heritage, which is why it also attracts a lot of tourists. It is also flourished in terms of art and music, Chennai’s total GDP (PPP) is 110 billion. 

5) Bangalore

Bangalore’s contribution to India’s IT sector is 35%, major manufacturing industries like Heavy Electrical Limited, Indian Electronics Limited, and Indian Earth Movers Limited are situated here. This city is a house to 8 billionaires, and India’s silicon valley is also located here. Bangalore’s total GDP is 86 billion. 

6) Hyderabad

Hyderabad is also known as the city of pearls, it is one of the leading diamond trading centers in South India. It is India’s 4th most populated city and is very suitable for working and living. This cosmopolitan city’s GDP is 75.2 billion. 

7) Pune

Pune which is located in Maharashtra is the second-largest city and the 8 most populated city in India. India’s first Prime Minster had called Pune as The Oxford of the East since it attracted students from all over the country. Pune’s GDP is 69 billion. 

8) Ahmedabad

Ahmedabad is one of the fastest developing cities in India, It is also the commercial and industrial capital. This biggest city of Gujarat attracts a lot of tourists every year. Ahmedabad’s GDP is 68 billion. 

9) Surat

Surat is the cleanest city in India. Not only is Surat known as the business capital, but it also has a lot of factories set up, and it is mostly known for its diamonds. While it is one of the fastest developing cities, its total GDP is 59.8 billion. 

10) Vishakhapatnam

Known for being the best economic destination, Vishakhapatnam is considered the financial capital of Andhra Pradesh. It is also known for its medicine industry and programming. Its total GDP is 43.5 billion. 

Written by Nawaz Kochra