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Count your blessings...

by H. P. Singh Rishi

After chilling at Chill’s restaurant at Pacific Mall in West Delhi, The boss - my wife - walked towards the Bata store. “But you have so many shoes. I hope they are not meant for me” I said. She glared back at me and replied “I know very well that you will find someone to pass your time there.” she was absolutely right and the destiny made me meet a young girl who changed my entire perspective about life.

While my wife and daughter browsed around, I looked for company. I saw a thin, tall girl about 24 years old with purple eyeshadow, trying out a shoe with very thin heels. She looked pleasantly (unusual for the majority of the brigade who do not the value of money) at the salesman. “This seems very expensive. Is there any discount on this and moreover it is a little tight?” she said. I thought she was just passing her time but I was wrong. She tried out a new pointed at toe shoe with a little more higher heels, walked around the store a bit, looked at herself in the mirror and sat down again. “I think this is good.” the young smart salesman took his thirty-two out.

“But how will you be able walk in these?”, I butted in. She looked at me with childlike innocence and replied “I am an air hostess and hence can walk very comfortably in these.”. “Oh which airline do you work for” I enquired. “Air India” she responded with pride as if she was working for Walmart. “Why is Air India the best airlines in the world?” I questioned. She had got up by now and looked taller in her heels. “Firstly, because I work there and I love my job. Our new Chairman is a very dynamic professional. He has set a fast pace for himself and is doing some nice juggling and strategic sales which will reduce our debts tremendously.” She was talking like a professional and would be a perfect fit as the Brand Ambassador of Air India.

“My name is Simranjit Chhhatwal and I am a Flight Attendant in Boeing 777-300ER/200LR.” she introduced herself with a warm confident handshake. “How many years have you been working and which route do you fly?” I quizzed. “I have been there for two years and I fly to the USA thrice a month.” Was her answer. “I have never been to the US. You must be loving it? Indians especially Punjabis are dying to go to the US by hook or crook and are willing to pay through their nose to reach there.” I claimed. “On the contrary, I am dying to come back the moment I reach there. Your country is your own. You are more comfortable with your people. And you can do anything here” she spoke.

“Will you marry a Captain of your airlines?” was my next question to her. “No” she responded with confidence that emerges with having seen the world. “And why no?” I continued. “I do not want to fly away to the US while he is on a flight to Australia. Moreover, I have enough interaction with my own people during the course of my profession.” She answered brilliantly. “And what sort of a guy would you like to marry? A salaried man will draw less than you.” I asked her out of curiosity. “It depends on compatibility and I can marry a businessman too.” she responded with a faraway look in her eyes.

“Papa, if you have finished your conversation, can we leave? Your new friend may have some other engagements.” It was my daughter who had bought two pairs of shoes and a bag for her mother. “But I am having a wonderful time with uncle. I have a flight tomorrow.” Simran chipped in. “Take my cell number beta and contact me when you return from the US and if you have time.” I told her. “I surely will. Let me have a photo with you.” She gently asked. “I am not properly dressed for a photo. I stay across the road only.” I told her while I looked at my crumpled ill-fitting far too long shorts, the rejected army top of my son where my bulging tummy came protruding out and my slippers. “It just does not matter. You are good enough” she said as she gave her camera to my daughter who was amazed as her mother because they were wondering as to why a smart young girl would want to pose with a short, portly sardar wearing a patka which was I'll matched with his clothes.
I was truly touched and my eyes became moist when I received a response the next morning on my cell. It was in shorthand which youngsters use these days. But the words which made me count my blessings were, “Uncle, I got emotional when you hugged me because I don't have a father. I lost him when I was six. That's why the photo. I saw a father figure in you. I wanted to take a picture with you for memory sake and have put in on my facebook.

Why has God been so unkind with Simran and some others who have lost their loved ones at a young age. I have crossed 60 and am still enjoying the emotional support of my parents. I have breakfast with them every morning. I sit with them when the Gurubani is relayed from the Harmandir Sahib in Amritsar on PTC channel every day. I am still a six year old for them. I suppose the almighty compensates such have nots with more competitive spirit, more independence and more confidence. In the long run these independent beings are better prepared to face the world. May God bless Simran and may she always be happy and smiling.

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Itisha Jindal 12/10/2018 06:18 PM

Amazing work !!!!!!

Rajinder Gupta 12/10/2018 01:58 PM

Excellent work!