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The Chicken Curry Project

By H P Singh Rishi

Pages 234
Mascot Books
ISBN: 978-1-63177-253-5
Price - $9.89

The opening chapter and the first word, ‘Shaadi’ in Shireen Passi
Chopra’s book, ‘The Chicken Curry Project’, sets the tone for a fast
paced thriller on the lines of Harold Robbins fiction or a James Bond
film. The chapters are resplendent and juicy and draw the attention
of the reader almost instantly. Without explaining the problem of
‘big’ and ‘small’ of Mr Monty, the writer leaves everyone with the
‘dil maange more’ feeling. Shireen, the protagonist (as also the
writer), makes it clear at the outset that the book is the story of her
and her husband, Raj’s life “in their long and onerous search for a life

Indian parents, especially mothers become an embarrassment for
the children when they flaunt them in social circles like pieces of
artefact. Shireen’s case was no different. The dedication says:
“Thanks Ma, for taking this wild, weird, and wacky journey with me –
a story for the grandkids some day. And a big thanks to hubby dear
for all the support and much, much more.......”

Now based in Kuwait the writer echoes her quest for a husband, the
dreams of every bride-to-be, “a looming debonair in Armani slim fit,
who would appear from the crowd and with one look at me he
would be completely transfixed by my beauty”.

The style may be `seemingly’ easy with wonderful felicity of
language, but one could observe the efforts that have gone in to
hone. For a first-time author, it is a commendable job! The passion
shows! If Newspaper pieces by Shireen, the author on social issues in
‘The Times of Kuwait ‘and ‘Bazaar’ magazine were like participation
in the international events ‘The Chicken Curry Project’ is the finale at
the Olympics.

The lead lady exposes the perverted mindset of the Indian youth
through one of the potential suitors. He gives his introduction
through internet and makes Shireen nearly fall off the chair when he
says, “I am the lion and I have a really big d**k! Wanna see! Double
click on the camera to watch!”

How would these bastards feel if their own sisters were to be
bombarded with such profane messages. They need a Saudi Arabian
treatment, where their d***s would be chopped off. It has
happened in a few cases by angry girl friends and disgruntled wives.
“I hope such a tragedy falls on such internet pranksters,” she

‘Show me the Money Honey’ chapter talks about the C.A. who
demands money during discussions for the never, ever possible
I have accosted many girls in real life who share their travails with
me and they match the incidents mentioned in the book. The
bridegrooms to be have equally traumatic experiences.

‘The Theory of Relativity’ chapter relates the challenges faced by the
hero Raj. He is asked innumerable, irrelevant questions by the father
of the girl, sans seeing the girl who is supposed to be his life partner.
Ludicrous indeed! Well, this is India Meri Jaan and these things can
happen only here.

Shireen falls for Raj in the first meeting itself. “God, he looks hot!
Umm and he smells great. To be insured for a million dollars and put
away in the locker! The man of her dreams who was so near and yet
so far (only 15 minutes away) is finally found. Shireen hits the jackpot

I am glad the book has a happy ending unlike most stories in real life
which are enacted within India with a heavy heart because of lack of
compatibility between partners. Unfortunately very few get to play a
second innings and couples spend and end their lives in misery.

The book has the masala to be a Bollywood blockbuster which with
right treatment can leave other films made on the subject miles
behind like Usain Bolt does on the tracks. I can foresee Shireen, the
author raking in millions of dollars/dinars. The quintessential Punjabi
munda, Abhishekh Bachchan and the feisty Jatni Tapsee Pannu (of
Manmarzian) will be perfect fit for the Project. I am sure that Shireen
and Raj are leading happy, blissful lives in real life too. The ‘Rab ne
bana di Jodi is perfect with the capital P, both in the book and real

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Avinash Singh 07/10/2018 10:05 PM

Wow! What an attempt by a first time writer!