date_range 14 Jul, 2020

When we were kids, we all rushed to the library’s most interesting section to grab that one book -“Guinness book of world records”.

That was and still is one the best book if you are looking for Infotainment.
As an Indian, you will be thrilled to know know that there many gems from our country who holds the pages of that great book.
1.Dagdu seth, a Gujarati person, did an incredibly amazing thing by making World’s biggest Roti (chapati) weighting up to 145 kilograms.
2. We all are familiar with Jyoti, who also appeared in the very famous show Big Boss, she is known to be the smallest woman in the world, is only 61.95 centimeters or about 2 feet in height. Prior to this, Jyoti has also got the title of smallest teenager in the world.
3. 60 talented chefs from india successfully cooked 12000 kilograms of biryani at once.
4. The next name is also quite famous, Punjab’s Avtar Singh walks around with 45 kg heavy turban on his head.
5. If you can type fast with your fingers then its nothing in front of this marvel, khurshid Hussain of Hyderabad, this man broke all the records when he typed 103 characters in just 47 seconds.
6. Our honourable prime minister could not just stand outside this list too, the Suit worn by PM Modi was sold at the highest price one could ever imagine, the auction started from just 11 lakhs and ended up being purchased by Gujarat's diamond trader Lalji Bhai Tulsibai Patel for 4.31 crore.

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