date_range 16 Feb, 2019

This Valentine’s Day, I choose to celebrate it with myself

The day dreaded by most singles all over the world is around the corner. Like every year, most of my friends are busy planning a super romantic date with their partners to celebrate Valentine’s Day. Yesterday, a close friend booked a table (decorated with candles and roses) at a pool side cafe for a dinner date, and another made plans to travel to a quaint hill station with her partner. A few have even requested me to help them in writing a sweet poem for their partner and selecting the perfect gift, eh! But what about those who are single like me? How are we going to get through this day?

I had a terrible break up three weeks back and I am still in the process of moving on. The trauma of this heartbreak combined with these oh-so-romantic days (Teddy Day, Kiss Day, Chocolate Day, et al) lying ahead can make any single feel left out. But instead of cribbing, I have decided to celebrate this occasion with myself. Because, why not?

I do not understand why people look for ‘someone special’ to pamper them when they are capable of doing it themselves. I will start my day by soaking in a bubble bath for an hour or so with a mug of coffee and my favourite book. Trust me, there is not any better (and relaxed way) way to begin your day. What after this? I will forget my diet plan for a day and indulge in pancakes with maple syrup and strawberries. After all, food is my first love!

Rather than thinking of going on a date with someone else, this time it’s going to be all about me. I will go for a long drive and later, indulge in a rejuvenating spa session. Next, I will head to the mall and gift myself the diamond bracelet I have been saving for the past four months. In fact, I will buy all the things I like and try not to check their price tag. P.S. - I won’t go bankrupt if I splurge on shopping for one day!


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