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Masturbation before a workout: Is there any effect?

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The debate about whether masturbation is beneficial before exercise seems to focus on how masturbation influences testosterone.
Testosterone is the primary male reproductive hormone, but females also produce it. It plays a crucial role in promoting physical fitness among both males and females. According to one animal study, it plays a vital role in muscle protein synthesis.
What do the studies say?
2001 study showed that orgasm due to masturbation did not affect plasma testosterone levels. In another early study from 2003, researchers observed that testosterone levels fluctuated minimally during the first 5 days of sexual abstinence, peaked at 7 days, and then remained constant.
Benefits of masturbation
A recent study on adults who had experienced a heart attack suggests that those who frequently engaged in sexual activity had better long term survival rates.
Side effects of masturbation
Masturbation is a safe sexual activity that has few, if any, long term side effects.
Masturbating too frequently can lead to temporary side effects, including:
overly sensitive or tender skin near the genitals
swelling or edema of the penis
decreased sensitivity
Currently, scientific research has not revealed a direct relationship between masturbation and exercise performance in males or females.
However, the findings of one recent study suggest that regular sexual activity may improve levels of life satisfaction and enjoyment among older adults.
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