date_range 29 Mar, 2020

Music may replace sedatives for treating pre-op anxiety

Music may replace sedatives for treating pre-op anxiety
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Before undergoing an operation, most people experience some form of anxiety. Although this response is common, it is not unproblematic, and treatment often involves a sedative with a whole host of possible side effects. But new research may have found an alternative.
The power of music in relation to anxiety has been the subject of previous studies. A review of 26 trials, published in 2013, concluded that music may have a "beneficial effect" on preoperative anxiety.

Experts believe that relaxing music has a very definitive sound. As Southern Medical Journal research states, a tune that involves no lyrics, no significant change in tempo or rhythm, and an estimated 60 beats per minute is the most effective in reducing anxiety.The song choice was also intentional.

Surprisingly, the results revealed that the changes in preoperative anxiety levels caused by both calming methods to be alike. Doctors also reported similar satisfaction levels.

Previous recommendations had advised a minimum play of 20 minutes for anxiety benefit. This may be difficult to achieve in practice, as operating rooms stick to strict schedules to avoid unnecessary delays.

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