10 Things that only a dog owner will understand, Bonding Absolutely Amazing

only other pet parents know and understand about the joys of being a dog parent

10 Things that only a dog owner will understand, Bonding Absolutely Amazing

10 Things that only a dog owner will understand, Bonding Absolutely Amazing 

We couldn't have asked for a better pet child than a dog but other than being goofy, understanding and adorable, dogs also have some quirks and interesting traits which makes them different from other pets. They may not be very independent and annoying like cats but they do have some funny and sometimes disgusting habits that only a dog parent can relate to. No matter what you do there are some things that are never going to change about the joy of parenting a doggo.

10 Things that only a dog parent can relate to

- From your clothes to your furnishing, everything is covered in dog hair and you just can't help it. Your dog baby is never going to stop rolling on the carpet or sitting on the couch and you love them too much. Vaccume cleaners don't help much either but you always have some lint rollers in place to help you out of the tough situations.

-You just don't need an alarm clock because you have a living breathing alarm clock who wakes you up with immense love every morning. Who doesn't want to wake up to such an adorable pet child and all the happiness that comes with it?

- They always know how to make you smile and boost your mood and energy after a long day at work. Be it those adorable head tilts or the absolutely cute puppy eyes, you can never say no to them.

-You often end up cancelling plans with friends or vacations to spend time with your dog. They're just too precious and they know how to make you feel guilty about leaving them alone while you go out there and have fun.

-They have those adorable puppy eyes and that guilty look that makes it very difficult to scold them or stay angry at them or punish them for that matter. 

-It doesn't matter if you stepped out to take a call or went to the loo, your dog is always waiting to greet you at the door as if you were gone for forever and you can never have enough of them.

-A pet parent you just can't stay away from your baby and there's no way you are going to fall asleep without your pet child cuddling with you in your bed.

-There is no way you want to be friends with someone who calls your dog a dog and has a problem with sharing the couch with your baby.

-  Just the thought of leaving your dog child and going away on a vacation or for work makes your heart sink. You always end up stressing about your baby and how they're going to stay without you.

- They're the first one you turn to when you have problems in life. You're always talking to them and sharing your problems and pain with them and the best part is that your dog is always there to hear you out and give you love and affection to make you feel better.