Emotional Insecurity: signs of an insecure partner and how to deal with them

Emotional Insecurity: signs of an insecure partner and how to deal with them

Emotional Insecurity: signs of an insecure partner and how to deal with them

Insecurity or emotional insecurity is a condition when people feel nervous or uneasy by feeling inferior to someone or something. This may be triggered by any vulnerable situation which will make people doubt about their own image or ego. It’s a natural feeling and everyone feels insecure at some point in their life. But it should not overwhelm your mental state. People who find it hard to deal with their self-esteem need to go for counselling to boost their ego.

You might have seen many insecure people in relationships as well. Partners start to feel insecure with their boyfriend or girlfriend and try to be more protective towards the bonding. If this insecurity increases then this may also result in possessiveness and doubt in the relationship. Insecurity can damage any healthy bond. So, to prevent this, we have provided the signs of an insecure partner and the ways to deal with their insecurity.

Signs and ways of dealing with an insecure partner in a relationship.

Signs of an insecure partner

1-  Your partner really doesn’t have a social life. He doesn’t like to go to the gym or hanging out with his friends. He just wants to spend the entire time with you and demands you to be with him all the time.

2-  Your partner feels jealous when you are with your friends and calls or texts you constantly. The person just needs all your attention to feel special, which is not always good.

3-  They need to be validated every time. They are fishing for compliments and praises about themselves to boost their self-esteem.

4-  In their previous relationship, they will represent themselves as victims. They only have negative thoughts about their exes.

5-  Your partner never hesitates to invade your privacy like checking your phone, messages, passwords or even credit card details.

6-  They demand to know every little detail of your life. In case, you forgot to tell that and they find it out later, then that will make them angry.

7-  His mood depends on yours all the time. You cannot show the negative phases of your mood because this will make him upset.

8-  An insecure partner can never tolerate criticism. He just wants to have compliments and remarks will make him disappointed.

9- After certain time, they start to control and manipulate your life dictating what to do and what not.

10- They care a lot about what other people say about them and this bothers them a lot.

Solution for insecurity

Often people identify their own flaws and try to rectify them. It’s a good sign if you do that. So, to combat your insecurity you can challenge them. Write down your own flaws and insecure behaviour, so that you can observe them and rectify it later.