Mohan Kumar to Cyanide Mohan: A school teacher who killed 20 women

To carry out serial killing, he took jewelery work for a long time from a goldsmith and bought cyanide from a chemical dealer. This dealer later said that he considered goldsmith to have given cyanide to Mohan, which is used in polishing jewelery.

Mohan Kumar to Cyanide Mohan: A school teacher who killed 20 women
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It is a matter of the year 2009 that there is a coastal district of Dakshina Kannada in Karnataka, where there was often a dispute about communal and Hinduism. In particular, there was a very fierce riot regarding Hindu Muslims. On the morning of 17 June 2009, a 22-year-old girl named Anita Mulya disappeared from her home in Barimar village.His disappearance led to a ruckus in the entire Bantwal and all the members of his family, including relatives, gave communal color to Anita's disappearance and accused a Muslim boy of driving her away. In this uproar, the mob threatened to burn the police station. The police then promised to settle the case within a month and also assured to catch the accused as soon as possible. Since then the police started fully investigating the matter.

A special team was formed to resolve the matter as quickly as possible. But the very next day after the disappearance, Anita's body was found in the ladies toilet near the Inter-city bus stand of Hassan. After which the police tightened their gears to catch the accused.

This painful story begins with Anita and Anand's love, both of them wanted to get married and so Anita left everything and went to Anand. Till the last breath, Anita could not understand that love was just pretense, only the pretense of marriage Was given, the purpose of that poor was something else.

Let me tell you that at the bus stand of Hassan district of Karnataka, Anand called Anita and took her to a hotel near the bus stand. Here both of them planned to get married in the temple tomorrow and both were happy to be with each other. After dinner, both came again in this room.

Although Anita wanted to have a physical relationship after marriage, but Anand's stubbornness and romantic mood were forced. On the same night, a physical relationship was formed between the two and Anand talked about her getting married the very next day. The next morning, Anita was getting ready in the hotel room along with the entire singer.

The next day, Anita is ready and arrives at the place called Anand to visit the temple. Anand was waiting there. Anand took out a tablet from his pocket. And giving the tablet to Anita said that it is a contraceptive pill. When Anita asked something, Anand cut her off and asked her to go to the toilet of the bus stand and eat this tablet. He said that after eating it, he may feel the need for a private kind.

Anita went to the public toilet of the bus stand and ate the tablet. Anand kept waiting outside for some time. Another woman had to use the restroom but the door was locked from inside. And after waiting some women started banging on the door from outside because the door was closed for a long time. After no sound came from inside, the crowd started gathering there.

After the gathering of this crowd, Anand returned to the hotel room. There he saw all of Anita's belongings and then, after keeping the things of work, destroyed all the things. Within a short time, Anand left the hotel room and went to some other place in a bus. On the other hand, after a long time the toilet door was opened somehow, Anita's body was found inside.

Such solved puzzle

Who was Anand? How did Anita die? The story of finding answers to these questions started in 2003. In the five-six years between 2003 and 2009, about 20 cases were reported from six cities in South Karnataka, in which young women or women died within the toilet near the bus stand. In the cases of these 20 deaths, it was quite common that all these women were aged between 20 and 30–32 years. When the corpse was found, everyone wore a good or special type of saree but no jewelery. It was known from her decoration that all of them had become brides.

Despite such similarities, the police had no idea that something like this is happening in the surrounding cities. The police were forced to investigate the matter right when things got worse in the 19th case.

After this, the police started investigating, then through the phone call of Anita, another young woman came to know about Kaveri. The police was surprised that Kaveri was also missing. Another young woman Pushpa found a link in the Cauvery case investigation and she too had gone missing. Similar police received information about the disappearance of several young women one after the other and the picture started to appear to a certain extent.

During the investigation of cases of disappearance of all these girls, a common link was found by the police that somehow the connection was related to a village in Mangalore. Some time these missing girls were called from this village or they called someone here. Now the police suspected that a Sachs racket is conducted from here and the girls have been thrown into this business.

When the investigation centered on this village went ahead, a missing girl was found to have a conversation with a boy named Dhanush on the phone. During interrogation of Dhanush, it was found that his Uncle Professor Mohan Kumar had given him a call and calls for him were received. Now when Mohan was searched, it was found that Mohan was having a long conversation with another girl Sumitra on the phone. When the police reached Mohan, hearing what was revealed, the police were also shocked.

Professor Mohan in police custody soon revealed that he is responsible for the death of 20 girls who went missing. Although Mohan had said to kill 32 women in the initial questioning, but later he retracted from this number. Mohan said that he used to impress young women who wanted to marry poor families. They used to give them the excuse of marriage and then call them to a hotel. After having sex with him there, he used to make a wedding plan.

After this, on the pretext of persuading him to eat a contraceptive pill in the public rest room. Mohan, who was a teacher of science, used to add cyanide in these pills, which killed the girls immediately after taking the bullet. Then he used to go to the hotel room and get jealous with these girls' jewelery and valuables.

To carry out serial killing, he took jewelery work for a long time from a goldsmith and bought cyanide from a chemical dealer. This dealer later said that he considered goldsmith to have given cyanide to Mohan, which is used in polishing jewelery. Secondly, at that time, cyanide could easily be purchased in the state at the rate of just Rs 250 per kg.

Apart from this, Shatir Mohan used to meet every different girl with different names like Anand, Bhaskar, Swami. About 12 of his surnames were revealed. He used to tell the surname of his caste while meeting every girl and always told himself to be in a government job. Due to all these reasons, he used to be easy to seduce girls. It was only after coming into police custody that this killer came to be known as Cyanide Mohan, who was sentenced to death in 2013.