Navratri 2020: How coronavirus is affecting Hindu religious tradition

how corona virus is affecting navratri?

Navratri 2020: How coronavirus is affecting Hindu religious tradition
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Navratri 2020: How coronavirus is affecting Hindu religious tradition

As we all know todays situations in our country. Coronavirus is affecting all over the world. The Hindu traditions are also getting affect by this pandemic. Even the world wars did not affect this much as this virus has done. People are not allowed to step out of their houses unless it is absolutely necessary because this virus spread by touching each other. And that is why people are maintaining social distance which is also affecting Hindu rituals somewhere.

Temples and other places where traditions are practiced is closed because these are the places where crowd exist. And will be remain close for next few weeks. This is affecting the Hindu practices of the nation. The daily prayers, fasting and other weekly bandaras, are also canceled which is somewhere affecting the coming up festivals.

One of the festival which is performed in large number of people in India is Navratri. it is the biggest festival which is performed by Hindus on large basis. It is the major festival of Hindu religion. This is also known as Durga puja. This festival is followed by large bulk of people. Navaratri the word means nine nights. This is performed for 9 days without eating food and keeping 9 days fast although it has different diet like fruits, liquids and other.

How virus is affecting Navratri?

1. Navratri fairs

The whole nation waits for this day every year. Navratri fair is a big festival for Indian people which takes place all over the nation in each state, district, town and villages. Many states have cancelled the program of Navratri because of this virus.

2. Daily prayers

The prayers will take places in the temples but devotees are not allowed to step out as central government is strictly keeping eye on social distancing. Going in temple can be a reason of the speared of virus. So, devotees are requested to not gather crowd.

3. Things to eat

Whole nation is facing the problem of economy which is affecting the rationing also. Those who are on Navratri fasting will face the problem of eating. Because trading is not happening now a days, so every shopkeeper does not have that item. Which can also be a cause of stopping people to follow their ritual because of such condition.

4. Girl sitting (kanya pujan)

Girl sitting is the climax of Navratri festival. At the end of this puja, on 8th and 9th day. People call little girls and worship them as they believe Virgo is the form of goddess. But due to this virus it is also not possible because no one can get out from their home or can meet anyone.

But Indians are known for their traditions. And people will follow their rituals in under all the rules and regulation given by the government for this pandemic.