Here are some Popular variety of mangoes grows in different part of the world

Mango is the most popular fruit consumed and cultivated globally. Apart from the Indian types, there are several other popular mangoes grown in different parts of the world.

Here are some Popular variety of mangoes grows in different part of the world
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Mango is a juicy tropical fruit belonging to the flowering plant genus mangifera. It is one of the most popular fruits cultivated widely all over the world and. Mangifera genus belongs to the cashew family of Anacardiaceae. Mangoes are the native fruit of South Asia. In India, mango is the national fruit of the country and loved by Indians. The king of fruit is not only consumed raw and ripe, but it can be used while preparing pickles and chutneys as well. In West Bengal, raw mango is utilised for preparing lentils.

According to pinkvilla Indian mangoes, known as Mangifera Indica, are widely exported to different countries of the world. Apart from this, there are some other types of mangoes cultivated in other countries of the world as well. So, today we are going to discuss popular mangoes from different parts of the world.

Popular mangoes cultivated around the world:


This kidney-shaped mango is widely cultivated in different parts of Mexico. It is available from March to July. It is also known as Champagne mango, Adolfo, or honey mango for its golden colour.


This is also cultivated in the US and available from March to June. This round shaped mango has juicy and yellow coloured flesh. It has a amzing shape and colour.

Tommy Atkins

This is one of the most popular mango types of the US. It has a strong flavour and is available from February to July.


Kent is a popular mango type of Florida and is known for its smooth flesh and minimal to mild fibre. It’s available from June to August.


Carabao mango is native to the Philippines and is considered to be the sweetest mango of the world. Hence, it has its mention in the Guinness Book of World Record.

Van Dyke

This type belongs to South Florida. It is popular for its sweet, mild flavour and its aroma; it comes in an oval shape.

Bombay Mango

It is cultivated in Jamaica and now quite popular in the US. It was first introduced there by Indian immigrants. This type has a rich and spicy flavour.

Madame Francique

Cultivated in Haiti, this is considered to be one of the best in the Caribbean. It has a rich and sweet-spicy flavour.


Maya is juicy and is cultivated in Israel. Some other popular names of mangoes cultivated in Israel are Shelli, Tango, Noa, Omer, Tali, etc.


Palmer is native to Brazil and it is exported to the UK as well. Some other types cultivated here are Bourbon, Rosa, Augusta, Carlota, etc.

Source: Pinkvilla