date_range 14 Jul, 2020

Two girls climbing up the car, such acts, leaving work and seeing people

There are many strange things on social media, whose videos are viral. Two girls appeared to be dancing to Twerking on top of the car. Anyone who saw this video was surprised. Girls were seen dancing over the car on a crowded road. People play sharp music inside the car and dance. But these girls thought of separating something. In the moving car, both girls climb up to the top and dance to dance. Two videos have been shared on social media. Jackie Friedhoff shared this video on Facebook. It can be seen that two girls are above the car and are dancing in a moving car. A person is recording from the camera. The reason for being viral is not dance. Rather the reason is reckless behavior. He had removed the car number plate before the dance. If you see the police then you can not take any action.

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