Vaccine update: Biological E's Corbevax can be effective upto 90%

Doctors believe that the new indigenouss vaccine Corbevax can be upto 90% effective against Covid-19.

Vaccine update: Biological E's Corbevax can be effective upto 90%
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The vaccination of corona virus vaccine is happening on a large scale in the country. People are getting vaccinated with either Covishield or Covaxin. Now another indigenous corona vaccine of India is coming soon. 

It is developed by Biological E company. The name of this vaccine is Corbevax. A top doctor of the government advisory panel says that it is believed that this biological vaccine can be up to 90 percent effective against corona virus.

NK Arora, chairman of the government's Covid Working Group, says that this indigenous corona vaccine of Biological E can prove to be a game changer against Covid 19. He has also informed that the third phase trial of this indigenous vaccine is going to start. It may be available by October.

According to Dr. Arora, Corbevax will be exactly like Novavax. The company also claims that it will be more than 90 percent effective. Novavax is also to be manufactured in India by Serum Institute of India.

Dr. Arora has told that Novavax and Corbevax are much better vaccines. These are effective for all age groups. It will be available in India by October. He believes that the world may soon depend on India for an effective and affordable corona vaccine.