About Instafeed

Instafeed is a social platform that lets people share their genuine opinions about anything that matters to them. It can be about their talents, it can be about their society, challenges they face on a daily basis. Or it can be about something that they think is important for other people to know but the mainstream media is not reporting it. Instafeed is a place where you are free to express what you really believe in.

There are five most fundamental features of the Instafeed platform:


Instaopinion feature lets people share their discomfort regarding certain parts of their environment. For example, if a manhole in front of your house has been wide open for a long time, you can share this on Insta opinion. Sharing the problem you face as a citizen can have a very powerful effect on the working of related authorities at the same time e uniting people together for better.


InstaNews provides people the most important news that inform them and prepares them for everyday decision-making processes. InstaNews strictly follows a non-sensational approach to journalism. It only contains the news that really matter to people as citizens. Also, all news content is tailored to people's present geographic location. People can choose what they are interested in. They can comment on and share as well.


People want to know what other people think and care about. That's what fuels Instafeed as a crucial social platform. Sometimes there's a question that could only be asked via a poll. InstaPoll provides just that. We can ask simple questions related to us, and let people share what they believe to be the right one. Consensus is reached. Decisions are made. And a bigger picture comes out clearly.


Blogs are a kind of editorial opinions from the Instafeed masthead. Blogs reflect what is going inside Instafeed and what our leaders believe to be important. Via InstaBlogs, we share information that we believe to be important for public. We also raise issues, ask people for suggestions, and discuss matters. Like op-eds in newspapers, InstaBlogs are open to everyone. People are free to contribute further, disagree with our editorial team and provide invaluable inputs.


Mainstream media doesn't cover everything. Furthermore, only a few big players dominate the news industry. This creates a wide chasm between things happening on a micro level and things happening to people at an individual level. InstaReport tries to fill that gap. Here, anyone can contribute important news that he or she thinks people might want to hear. It could be related to their society, it could be about some new recipe they found delicious, or it could be a satsang being organized in their locality. InstaReport gives people true freedom for their voice.


As you can see, Instafeed is a truly unique and a powerful platform. People feel free and powerful when their voices are not curbed. We also employ state of the art abuse-fighting mechanisms to avoid harassments, bullying and misinformation. On Instafeed people share and people hear. Every voice is heard, every opinion is considered. Instafeed is for people, by people.