CCTV viral video: 8 year old boy got trapped in the lift of his society in Noida

An 8-year-old resident of Nirala Aspire Society in Greater Noida West unfortunately got trapped in the lift this Friday. Although the child cried for help and pressed the emergency button a number of times, he was unable to get any help.

CCTV viral video: 8 year old boy got trapped in the lift of his society in Noida
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Priyanshu Das lives with his family on the 14th floor of A-8 tower in Nirala Aspire Society of Greno West. He informed that his eight-year-old son was returning from tuition that evening. The son always goes on his bicycle to study. Therefore he boarded the lift from the ground floor along with his bicycle to reach his home in the 14th floor.

However the child was threatened by the unexpected incident in which his lift got stuck between the fourth and fifth floor with a sudden jolt for about ten minutes. The child expected that someone would surely arrive for help. He kept on pressing the emergency button while calling out for help but none arrived to help. Notably the in charge of the CCTV room was absent. 

As no one came the child got panicked bashed on the elevator door several times. Finally a resident walking on the floor heard the sounds of screaming and reached for help. The resident beat the lift door and also called the maintenance and guard. In this way the he rescued the child. Angry relatives projected disappointment and complained at the Cherry County post 

Facility head of the society Aamir Azim claimed of rescuing the child out of the lift within five minutes. Also the child was riding his bicycle and hit the lift gate twice with it. The second collision made the door of the lift open slightly due to which the lift stopped. CCTV footage of the incident was circulated among the residents. A message regarding the necessary precautions that should be followed while using the lift was also shared.